• Q1: What is Synthetic Thatch Roof?

  • A:

    Synthetic thatch roofing is a kind of new roof materials in last decade. Synthetic thatch roofing is simulated to various natural thatch roof materials, such as palm roof, reed roof, straw thatch roof, coconut leaves, attap leaves, cogon roof, nipa palm roof, cadjan roof, coiron thatch roof, raffia thatch, pawid thatch roof, anahaw roof, etc. It is also called artificial thatch roof, imitation thatch roof, fake thatch roof, plastic thatch roof or faux thatch roof.

    What is the synthetic thatch roof for resort hotel cottage roof construction?

    Materials of synthetic thatch roof covering:

    Artificial thatch roof is always using PE, PVC, PP or Nylon for production. Compared with PP, the other materials are more durable for outdoor use, especially in tropical countries. During the production, UV-proof additives and antioxidant are necessary to put together for material preparation to ensure the thatch roof could work long lifespan in strong sunshine and hot weather area.

    Several grades of materials for the produciton of artificial thatch roof tiles

    Key point for high quality artificial thatch:

    ◭ Using new materials only

    Recycled materials are so easy to cause decay, and the decay would happen easily within a year);

    ◭ Additives

    Adding necessary and enough UV-proof and antioxidant materials.

    ◭ Test equipment

    Having necessary test equipment for UV-proof.

    Advantages of synthetic thatch roof products:


    Synthetic thatch roof products could work much longer lifespan than natural thatch roof materials.

    ◭ Safer

    Synthetic thatch roof tiles could be fireproof for safer use.

    ◭ Easier installation

    Natural thatch roof need very skillful thatch roof experts for installation, otherwise, the thatched roof maybe not windproof and waterproof, and the appearance would be a problem. Compared with natural thatch roof, imitation thatch roof is very easy for installation, and we could send you synthetic thatch roof installation guide for you to follow.

    Synthetic thatch roof materials installation guide

    Not to be harmed by fungi, no worms, no birds

    No matter private use or commercial use in restaurant, hotels, parks, zoos, people do not want to find worms, etc. under the thatched roof buildings.

    Free from maintenance

    ◭ Better looking

    Artificial thatched roof covering is more uniform looking and looks more cleaner. Natural thatch roof sometimes looks messy.

    Customization of synthetic thatch roof tiles:

    ◭ Colors

    ◭ Textures

    ◭ Thatch strip width

    ◭ Sizes of thatch panels

    Application of synthetic thatch roof panels:



    ◭ Theme park bungalow

    ◭ Village pavillion

    ◭ Tree house

    ◭ Tiki hut or tiki bar restaurant

    ◭ Hotel guest room wooden shed

    ◭ Zoo shelter

    ◭ Bus station sunshade

  • Q2: Orders & Shipments

  • A:

    Orders & Shipments

    Q: How many days for production?

    A: Depends on the quantity, the production time will be different.

    For regular quantity, the production could be finished 2-4 weeks.

    For below quantity, we could finish in 1 month:

    Synthetic palm thatch: 5000 square meters

    Viva thatch roof: 5000 square meters

    Nylon thatch roof: 3000 square meters

    Artificial water reed leaf thatch: 3000 square meters

    Plastic bamboo woven mat: 3000 square meters

    Plastic bamboo poles: 10000 meters

    Stainless steel bamboo poles: 10000 meters

    Iron bamboo fence: need to know your design and request

    3D wall panels: 5000 square meters.

    Q: How many days for shipment?

    A: There are normally two shipment ways for option.

    * Air freight transportation: 5-10 days for transportation

    * Sea freight transportation: 

    ##Southeast and South Asia: 5-7 days

    ##South Asia and Middle East: about 20 days

    ##West USA: about 14 days

    ##East USA: about 30-45 days

    ##Middle and South America countries: 30-50 days

    ##Australia: 20 days

    ##Europe: about 30 days

    Besides the above time, also need some time for customs clearance.

    P.S.: FCL is normally much faster than LCL shipments.

    Q: How to calculate the volume of the cargo?

    For plastic bamboo mat, 200sqm about 1 CBM, except CM28 and CM29

    For PE thatch with 500x450mm, 450 pieces about 1 CBM

    For nylon thatch with 500x450mm, 350 pieces about 1 CBM

    For Palm thatch, 900 pieces about 1CBM

    For other products, please contact with us directly, we will calculate for you.

  • Q3: General Questions

  • A:

    General Questions

    Q: Can I visit your factory?

    A: Yes, our city-Xiamen, is an international city. Xiamen is located in Southeast China. Our airport is Gaoqi int'l airport of Xiamen. And we could arrange to pick you up in the airport. About 40 minutes to arrive in our factory.

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