Imitation Metal Thatch Tiles for Palapa Roof Repair

Beatles Co., provide weatherproof aluminum imitation thatch roof materials to various countries in the world. Many colors of metal thatch roof tiles are available by our company. Thickness could be customized too.
  • Product origin:

    Xiamen, China
  • Color:

    Be able to customize
  • Min order:

    1000 pieces
  • Shipping port:

    Xiamen, China
  • Lead Time:

    10-15 days
  • Description
  • Features
  • How to order

Imitation Metal Thatch Tiles for Palapa Roof Repair

Imitation metal thatch roof is provides flexible, economic, graceful solution for palapa roof repair. Palapa buildings require natural looking, imitation metal thatch roof could highly simulate the looking of natural thatch roof materials, such as straw roof, reed thatch, palm thatch roof, cogon grass thatch roof, nipa roof, etc. Material of our imitation thatch roof is 1100H16 aluminum. Aluminum thatch roof is weatherproof, free from hot or cold weather, not afraid of strong UV or heavy raining situation. So, aluminum thatch panels are widely used in various countries for the palapa roof building or repair. For the palapa roof repair, property owners could install the plywood or OSB board on the bottom at first, then cover with asphalt waterproof membrane, then they could fix the aluminum thatch tiles to the plywood directly.

1. Our aluminum thatch roof products:

Metal thatch roof for nipa hut bahay kubo in Philippines

2. Features of aluminum thatch roof:






▧ 0.15mm

▧ 0.20mm thickness available for quantity more than 2000 square meters

Manufacturing craftsmanship:

Rolling and punching; Fluorocarbon roll coating


More than 20 years normally.

Fireproof performance:

Fire retardant for roof decoration.

Quantity for 1 square meter:

50 pieces.


Need to install plywood and waterproof membrane on the bottom to make sure the waterproof for raining.

3. Advantage of aluminum thatch roof compared with other artificial thatch roof:

▧ Competitive prices

Aluminum thatch roof is one-third to a half of the other artificial thatch roof materials

▧ Easier installation

Aluminum thatch roof is very thin and light, so, it is very easy for installation. Everyone could D.I.Y. aluminum thatch roof for your structures

▧ Less transport cost

Aluminum is much less volume compared with synthetic thatch roof

▧ More durable

Aluminum will not rust and decay. Compared with synthetic thatch roof, it has about 5-10 years longer lifespan at least.

4. Various colors of metal thatch roof:

Beatles Co., supply various colors of metal thatch roof to the market, include:

▧ Grey aluminum thatch roof

▧ Straw gold aluminum thatch roof

▧ Green aluminum thatch roof

▧ Wood color aluminum thatch roof

Various colors of metal thatch roof from China exporter

5. The countries where we have exported our artificial thatch products:

◭ America continent: 

USA, Canada

◭ Middle and South America continent: 

Costa Rica, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica

◭ Southeast Asia:

Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore

◭ Africa:

Kenya, Seychelles, Equatorial Guinea

◭ Oceania:

Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Micronesia, Guam, Fiji, Palau, Vanuatu, Saipan

◭ Europe:

Ireland, Greece, UK, Finland, Spain

◭ Middle East:

Israel, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia

◭ South Asia:


6. FAQ of our aluminum thatch panels:

▧ What is lifespan of our artificial aluminum thatch roof tiles?

Our aluminum thatch roof is very durable, it is more than 20 years lifespan. 

▧ What is lead time of the aluminum thatch tiles?

For common quantity, we could finish the production in 15 days. 

▧ How about the installation of the aluminum thatch roof?

Easier than natural thatch roof materials.

▧ How many pieces to install for 1 square meter roof?

Normally 50 pieces are suggested to install for 1 square meter roof.

▧ How many thickness are available for your aluminum thatch tiles?

Normally we provide 0.15mm thickness of aluminum thatch tiles. 0.20mm thickness aluminum thatch panels are available if your quantity reach 2000 square meters or more.

Features of our aluminum thatch roof:

Working temperature:
-20 degree to 50 degree
Aluminum Alloy
Need to install waterproof fabric
Aluminum alloy is fireproof itself
Thermal Insulation Effect:
Could reduce the temperature a little.
Accessories of Metal Thatch Roof:
No accessories.
20-30 years
Be able to customize
Very light weight.
Ocean transport, air transport or by courier.
Lead time:
15-30 days for regular quantity thatched roof order.
H.S. Code
please check with us
Customs Duty:
For most countries, we could help you check.
Quantity for 1 square meter roof:
20 pieces at least
Minimum Order Quantity:
5000 pieces.
Port of Loading:
Xiamen, China
Other Related Products:
Synthetic bamboo mat; synthetic bamboo poles; etc

Order Process:

Sample Policy:

Samples are free with courier charge to be prepaid, or the samples are to be sent with buyer's courier account.

Available Transportation Ways:

* Sea freight transport

* Air freight transport

* For small orders, sometimes could be delivered with courier services.

Trade Terms:



* DDU: For most countries, if clients have import license, DDU is available. 

* DDP: For most countries, if clients have import license, DDP is available.

Payment Method:

* For regular order, we only work with T/T

* For smaller order, we work with Western Union, Paypal too. Bank charge to be with buyer.

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